Every American Deserves Legal Representation in Our Civil Courts

Our nation’s civil laws will be most effective when every American has the same chance at justice in civil court. Right now, organizations like NLS are the only path to just for most underserved plaintiffs.

It’s a fact: People who can afford however to hire a private attorney are statistically more likely to win or settle cases in their favor.

This income-based inequality is called the “justice gap.” While NLS can’t eliminate it, we can help families and individuals with lower incomes get qualified legal representatives who are dedicated to their success.

NLS offers our low-income neighbors in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler and Lawrence Counties, Pennsylvania, a much better chance of keeping their homes, securing their veteran’s benefits, protecting themselves and their children, and more by giving them access to the same or better legal advice than those they oppose.

Our services are made possible through the support of generous donors and dedicated attorneys. We thank you all.

Our Mission

To meet the civil legal needs of the poor and vulnerable in our community through effective legal representation and education.

Help our neighbors in crisis return to safe, productive lives.

NLS’s focus is on helping our clients improve their ability to be self-sufficient.  Because the strength of our community is measured one neighbor at a time. So when we encounter neighbors whose livelihood is threatened, NLS steps in to bridge the gap.  When a neighbor is at risk of losing his place to live, NLS steps in. When a domestic partner threatens the safety of a mother and her children, NLS steps in.

Neighborhood Legal Services
By The Numbers FY 19 - 20

Cases last year:                                               8,470

Lives improved:                                               17,666

Awards and benefits:                                      $939,420

Community Educational Events:                     130

Educational literature shared:                         9,000

Website visits for information:                        62,836

Pro Bono volunteers:                                       193

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