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Legal Information for Veterans

Supporting local veterans and their families.

NLS proudly supports area veterans and their families by providing legal services to veterans in each of our counties and in all the areas in which we practice e.g. evictions, mortgage issues, license issues, family law issues, consumer issues, expungements, public benefits etc. We have an attorney dedicated to the representation of veterans and their families. We also collaborate with several partners to provide services for veterans.

We work with the Veteran’s Leadership Program and similar veteran orgs. to offer assistance to vets referred through SSVF grants which are directed at helping vets with temporary and permanent housing

We work to take legal referrals for vets through PAServes of Greater Pittsburgh which connects vets to the numerous resources available in the community to assist them

We work under a Staunton Farms grant to provide additional legal services to vets who might not otherwise qualify financially for our services

We work to connect vets to veteran legal services offered at both area law schools as well as to legal services offered through the Veteran’s Clinic of the Pittsburgh Pro Bono Partnership and the Private Bar.

How to Get Help

So that we can better understand the legal issue that you are facing, please take a few minutes to answer the questions in our secure, easy-to-use Legal Issue Triage Tool. Your responses will be used to help connect you with a member of our staff that can provide you with the legal help you’re seeking.

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