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Legal Information for Employment

What employed people need to know about their legal rights

Disputes between employees and their employers often leads to complex questions about employment rights. Through the Pennsylvania Employment Law Project, NLS and its Consortium partners, Laurel Legal Services and Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services, seek to expand upon the traditional representation provided in unemployment matters.

We are now handling additional employment-related legal issues as well as engaging in outreach efforts to the community on those issues.

This project has allowed us to provide advice and/or representation in cases involving wage claims, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), job discrimination, working conditions, the expungement and sealing of criminal records or indicated and founded child abuse records, pardons, and at-will employment. Legal assistance may include advice or full representation. In addition to providing legal assistance on such cases, NLS also engages in outreach activities designed to educate the community regarding these issues.

Any organization interested in obtaining training on these issues should contact NLS and ask for the Employment Law Specialist.

How to Get Help

So that we can better understand the legal issue that you are facing, please take a few minutes to answer the questions in our secure, easy-to-use Legal Issue Triage Tool. Your responses will be used to help connect you with a member of our staff that can provide you with the legal help you’re seeking.

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