Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors sets the policy under which Neighborhood Legal Services operates. Its members include representatives of client and community organizations who help identify the legal needs of low-income individuals and families; attorneys who understand how those needs can be met under the law; and representatives of county bar associations who foster the important role of pro bono attorneys.

Board Leadership

J. Alexander Hershey, Esquire


Clark Hill PLC

Stephanie R. Reiss, Esquire


Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP

Julia R. Colton, Esquire


Obermayer, Rebmann, Maxwell & Hippel


William Turner

Assistant Secretary

Central Client's Council

Joshua S. Stein, Esquire


Howmet Aerospace Inc

Ms. Rochelle Jackson

Assistant Treasurer
Central Clients' Council

Laura N.K. Miller, Esquire

Immediate Past President

Women's Center and Shelter, UPMC Health Plan

NLS Board Members

  • The Honorable Eric D. Abes


  • Ms. Des’Tyne Adams

    Central Clients’ Council

  • Jessica L. Altobelli, Esq.

    Dickie McCamey & Chilcote

  • Ms. Sylvia Basich

    Beaver County Clients Council

  • Jamey C. Belin, Esq.

    Charlton Law

  • Mr. Kent Bey

    Central Clients’ Council

  • Mr. David A. Blaner

    Executive Director at Allegheny County Bar Association

  • Julie R. Colton, Esq.

    Obermayer, Rebmann, Maxwell & Hippel

  • Beatriz Diaz-Cothen, Esq.

    James J. Loll, P.C.

  • Kaitlin E. Dichiera, Esq.

    K&L Gates LLP

  • Leslie A. Dutchcot, Esq.

    Dentons Cohen & Grigsby, P.C.

  • Ms. Tracy Everett

    Central Clients’ Council

  • J. Alexander Hershey, Esq.

    Clark Hill PLC

  • Ms. Rochelle Jackson

    Central Clients’ Council

  • Ms. Nancy L. Jones

    Butler Clients’ Council

  • Ron G. Jones

    Jackson Kelly PLLC

  • Lawrence M. Kelly, Esq.

    Luxeberg Garbett Kelly George, P.C.

  • Nicholas W. Kennedy, Esq.

    QuatriniRafferty, PC

  • Mr. Robert Klug

    The Huntington National Bank

  • William M. Kozich, Jr., Esq.

    Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman LLC

  • Christopher A. Lovato, Esq

    Dickie McCamey & Chilcote, PC

  • Elizabeth Mavero, Esq.

    UPMC Health Plan

  • Thomas H. May, Esq.

    Dickie McCamey & Chilcote

  • Ms. Judy McElroy

    Butler County Clients' Council

  • Laura N.K. Miller, Esq.

    Women’s Center & Shelter

  • Ms. Eugenia Mosby

    Just Harvest

  • Elizabeth A. Parker, Esq.

    Raphael Ramsden & Behers

  • Jeffrey Pollock, Esq.

    Law & Mediation Office of Jeffrey L. Pollock, Esq.

  • Ms. Diana Purdom

    Central Clients’ Council

  • Stephanie R. Reiss, Esq.

    Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP

  • Larry A. Silverman, Esq.

    Offices of Larry A. Silverman, Esquire

  • Tiffany E. Sizemore, Esq.

    Duquesne University School of Law

  • Joshua S. Stein, Esq.


  • Alice Stewart, Esq.

    University of Pittsburgh School of Law

  • Mr. Richard Taylor

    Central Clients’ Council

  • Ms. Shelby Trocci

    Central Clients’ Council

  • Mr. William Turner

    Central Clients’ Council

  • Mr. Ronald Wilson

    Central Clients’ Council

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