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For questions about a certain area of law, click the topic that you wish to explore. You will find brochures providing information on frequently asked questions for that area of the law. Links to additional resources are also provided. Hard copies of brochures can be obtained at the NLSA Central Office in downtown Pittsburgh. For individual advice on a specific problem, please contact the NLSA office located in your county.

Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Credit & Repossession

Custody, Divorce, Support & Domestic Violence

disability DISABILITY
Work Issues, Social Security Benefits, & Discrimination

education EDUCATION
Special Education, Student Rights & Loans

senior citizens ELDER
Living Wills, Healthcare, Powers of Attorney & Guardianship

employment EMPLOYMENT
Unemployment Compensation, Wages, FMLA & Discrimination

health HEALTH
Health Insurance, Medical Benefits & Prescriptions

Landlord-Tenant, Utilities & Public & Subsidized Housing

immigration IMMIGRATION
Deportation, Asylum, Naturalization & Citizenship

migrant workers MIGRANT ISSUES
Wages, Hours & Fair Labor Protection

public benefits PUBLIC BENEFITS
Welfare Benefits, Social Security & Energy Assistance

military and veterans VETERAN ISSUES
Veteran's Benefits, Family, Employment & Housing


  • Testimonials

    Well into her nineties, Mamie gave her grandson Power of Attorney and authorized him to receive her Social Security checks and pay her bills. The grandson failed to pay the rent and convinced Mamie that the landlord was lying when he alerted her to the problem.  ...Read More Here